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The Best HR Articles - Top 10 HR Sites to Follow in 2020

There are so many out there, we’re sharing 10 of our favorite sources for HR articles. Check out these 10 sites that we have bookmarked!

1. Evil HR Lady: Evil HR Lady posts articles featuring her thoughts and musings on HR issues, often with real life examples, and also answers questions from and provides advice to HR professionals and people seeking guidance in dealing with their HR department. At SpriggHR, we believe goal setting is key to employee engagement and organizations achieving their goals, so we love this blog post that helps break down the key steps in helping employees write meaningful goals. 2. The HR Gazette: The HR Gazette’s easy to read format and pulse on the latest HR issues is fantastic and free for HR professionals. Looking for news and opinion on employment law, recruitment, learning, strategy or HR tech? Look no further than the Gazette! 3. HRreview: An old favorite of Sprigg. HRreview has been producing award-winning HR articles for around a decade. This site provides great international perspectives and attracts HR decision makers from around the world. 4.Systematic HR: Systematic HR is a blog located on the point at which HR and technology intersect. The blog deals primarily with HR technology and innovations, keeping its readers up to date on the technology available and the best practices involved with its usage. One topic top of mind today is data security and privacy. This article is a good reminder of data security issues to keep top of mind when downloading reports. 5. HR Bartender: HR Bartender is the blog of Sharlyn Lauby, an HR professional turned consultant. Sharlyn shares her insights on not only HR, but also on the workplace in general, and how to create the sort of culture necessary for a company’s success. 6. HR Ringleader: HR Ringleader strives to help HR employees think outside the box in every aspect of the business, from innovating HR-Employee-Client relationships, to giving advice on making presentations more interesting. In addition to her HR articles, she also offers awesome podcasts that you can listen to on your commute. One of our favourite podcasts is HR Technology Implementation Myths. 7. No Excuses HR: No Excuses HR is all about helping its readers take action, enabling them to change the workplace and company for the better by not putting off difficult decisions and dealing with important problems as they arise instead of allowing them to pile up. Jay is to the point and he has a personal style that feels like he’s in your head. His article on Remote Leader Life will resonate with many of you who may be looking to move to a remote work model in the future. 8. The HR Daily Advisor: The HR Daily Advisor is considered by many to be one of the most unique HR resources available. This blog features free daily updates on news and advice as well as providing daily tips to HR professionals around the world. We like this article on choosing the right HR tech solution for your organization. 9. Workology: This is a blog with the latest tips, trends and tools for HR professionals. The site is led by Jessica Miller-Merrill, a former HR executive turned entrepreneur and speaker. In addition to thought provoking HR articles and great tools, Workology also has a series of podcasts on a variety of topics as well as interviews with HR Leaders across some of the world’s leading corporations. 10. Re:Work: Interested in data-driven HR and some of the latest practices out of Silicon Valley? Google’s re:Work site includes blogs on their latest research, guides and case studies on OKRs, people analytics and more. One of the areas getting a lot of buzz is people analytics. Check-out the People Analytics Guide which outlines step-by-step the question you should ask, how to choose your data and metrics and telling the story behind the statistics before springing into action.

Conclusion Creating a team charter is an effective and feasible way to ensure alignment with corporate and/or team objectives and help to drive both individual and company success.

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