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Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Market.


Dedicated to bridging the gap between the requirements in various organizations

In an era of technological, social and economic change, statistical offices are facing several challenges to further develop their key role as provider of high-quality information on economic, social and environmental phenomena. These include the need to meet both current and future demands of the users of statistics and to develop production processes that increase efficiency of work and reduce costs. In this context, human resources are the most important asset of organization . Appropriate and skilled human resources are essential to ensure the production of high quality work standards and to implement more efficient and effective processes based on new technologies.

Shree Balaji Management Consultants (SBMC ) established in 2004, advises and assists clients globally  with key HR projects and strategic initiatives to enhance business value. SBMC has  been working together with its clients to find effective solutions to their challenges, and SBMC expert advisors are an integral part of local business community.

At SBMC , we connect people from an extraordinarily diverse range of backgrounds and locations. We strive to make a product that makes a difference, and one that helps build a just, equitable future for us all. we are proud of the business relationships we have developed and our track record of consistently delivering excellent results. This is evidenced by a major percentage of our work being exclusive, meaning our clients recognize the excellent quality of work and the exceptional quality of candidates placed with them.

Whether you are seeking a specialist to find your next team member, or are seeking specialized career information and industry insights, you can rely on SBMC.

We Are Unique

At SBMC, we are fortunate to have a vibrant and innovative staff from diverse backgrounds. Believing in People. We're building technology to connect people and build better work experiences for everyone. Managing Human resources  is a people business, and we keep the human element in everything we create. Our team is on a mission to open doors for people. We do this the best way we know-how instead of connecting people to jobs, we connect people to people.


SBMC Presence

 SBMC School of Human resource  has its HQ at Canada, and corporate offiace  at  India with a network of Associates Offices spread throughout the country that enables us to attract and recruit the best available professionals, and suitable candidates.. We as a company understand the intricacies of human resource management and are dedicated to bridging the gap between the requirements in various organizations and the career aspirations of individuals. We seek to establish a lasting relationship between the employer and the job seeker. We specialize in identification, evaluation and placement of suitable candidates across various industries. Our executive search consultants are highly skilled professionals with specialization in their respective fields.


SBMC Modus operandi

SHREE BALAJI MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS has developed various methods and profiling processes for recruiting top talent from around the country. We retain a panel of industry experts from various trade and industry in order to ensure that our client gets manpower that is efficient, educated, experienced and as per their exact requirement. Our success is firmly entrenched in our philosophy to form partnerships, collaborations and long-term relationships with clients who take advantage of our bouquet of manifold specialized services.

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