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Chartered Professional in HR (CPHR- CANADA)

SBMC Respresent CPHR in Asia Region 



Winning your CP-HR  qualification makes you a perceived master furthermore, pioneer in the HR field—and a significant resource for your association, keeping you and your association more focused in the present economy. This expert refinement separates you from your associates, demonstrating your abnormal state of learning what's more, aptitudes.



The HR profession is not any more pretty much what you know—raw numbers—but instead how you viably actualize that learning in the working environment every day. HR accreditation gives you the chance to demonstrate what you know as well as how you can apply that knowledge at work.


HR accreditations straight forwardly connection to at work situations and practical work circumstances. Seventy-three percent of examinees say the CP-HR and SCP-HR exams are HR work pertinent.



HR certification is applicable across industries, geographic borders, job responsibilities and career levels.



More than 5,000 Employers are looking for HR qualification holders consistently. The CP-HR certifications depend on the present HR scene, concentrating on the skills and information HR experts need to lead in the present business group. Lift your certainty to make that next stride in your HR profession or to separate yourself in a pursuit of employment.


In view of inside and out research concentrated on—and supported by—worldwide employers and business pioneers, the CP-HR and SCP-HR qualifications reflect what HR professionals need to know to be pioneers in in profession & their associations.

Become a CPHR

SBMC Respresent CPHR in Asia Region 

The Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) assignment is a broadly perceived level of accomplishment inside the field of HR.

It mirrors a conviction that the expert routine with regards to HR administration can protect the interests of managers, representatives and the business group. The assignment speaks to proceeding with acknowledgment of the carrier's polished skill. 
There are many professional benefits to attaining your CPHR. But the best evidence of the value CPHRs bring is clear. CPHRs earn more than non-designated HR professionals.

Some of the advantages to attaining your CPHR designation:

  1. Proven Expertise: HR experts who seek after the CPHR must meet all prerequisites set out by their commonplace HR affiliation, which expect to gauge their skill and experience as HR experts. By seeking after the CPHR assignment, you'll demonstrate your capacity to handle all parts of HR and exhibit to managers and partners alike that you are a genuine HR expert.

  2. Continual Learning: To keep up your assignment, you will be tested to constantly refresh your insight and aptitudes in HR. As a CPHR, you'll pick up mastery and driving edge information to enable you to oversee mind boggling and dynamic HR issues and, at last, turn into a vital advisor.

  3. Demonstrated Commitment: CPHRs must experience thorough investigations, far reaching exam(s) and progressing learning. They are, to put it plainly, dedicated to the calling over the long haul. By seeking after your CPHR, you show your sense of duty regarding always refreshing your HR abilities and featuring your long haul energy for the calling. You join the class of HR experts that employers  search out.

  4. Knowledge Community:  As a CPHR, you are a piece of an elite, across the nation group of HR specialists. Through uncommon occasions, gatherings, distributions and sites, you can interface with other HR experts from crosswise over Canada. This capable system demonstrates significant as HR experts search for arrangements, thoughts and the capacity to associate with others in the field.

  5. Ethical Behavior: CPHRs submit themselves to exclusive expectations of moral conduct. They are held to the CPHR Canada National Code of Ethics that covers a scope of imperative expert issues including classification, irreconcilable situation, proficient development and that's just the beginning. You pick up certainty from your boss, associates and companions with the learning that you are focused on a Code of Ethics that requests the most noteworthy guidelines for the calling.

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