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For a career in human resources or recruitment, check out  Global  certifications.

  • HR professionals have a wide range of responsibilities, and there are different ranks of HR employees. If you want to move up in the ranks of the HR department, an HR certification may be the key.

  • HR certification is an ideal way for employers to gauge employee performance and dedication to keeping up with HR trends. Employers may also offer higher pay and higher employee ranking to those with an HR certification.

  • When deciding to earn an HR certification, understand the different types of certification options as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type of HR certification.

There is a broad range of responsibilities that fall to HR professionals. The right certification can help you rise in the ranks.

Many of us think of HR as the people in charge of filling open positions within an organization, but it's much more than that. Talent acquisition is just one aspect; many HR professionals are also tasked with employee onboarding and training, gauging performance, administration of employee compensation and benefits, and higher-level policy and strategy development. These responsibilities are integral to the success of an organization, and achieving a respected certification helps you prove you've got the chops to handle the job.

Benefits of HR certification

Earning an HR certification is an ideal way to show professional achievements, which may also help with career advancements. HR certification provides many benefits for both employees and employers:

Employee benefits

  • HR certification provides employee dedication to their HR career as well as their interest in staying updated with the latest trends.

  • Certification provides a perception of competency, qualifications and that the person is capable of performing at a higher level.

  • HR certification helps with group decision-making among peers because the certified employee's feedback may be given more consideration.

  • Employees with HR certification are often considered for better opportunities, higher salary and company advancements.

Employer benefits

  • Certification allows for easier selection when finding qualified candidates for an HR position.

  • HR certification can help organizations determine whether an employee can perform at an acceptable level within their position.

  • Certifications encourage employees to perform in a better way with skills that are up to date. 

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