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  • Virtual onboarding

    Virtual Onboarding: 7 Tips for Welcoming Remote Employees Employee onboarding impacts everything from employee engagement to productivity. So how do you effectively onboard new hires on a remote team? When it comes to helping new hires feel engaged and supported, the first week is critical. Research shows that employees with adequate support during onboarding are 54% more productive. But in a remote work environment, creating a positive onboarding experience can be challenging. Organizations must adopt new strategies to ensure new employees not only feel prepared to take on their new role, but also welcomed into the company culture. Here's 7 tips for building an effective onboarding experience from the first day and beyond. Send a Welcome Gift (before the first day) Want to make a positive first impression on new remote employees? Send them a welcome kit! A box filled with thoughtful gifts will help your new hire feel excited to start and reinforce your company culture. Treat the welcome kit as a way to communicate your company's story and values. You can express your commitment to employee development by including a book that will help their professional growth. Or, promote health and wellness through items like water bottles or step tracking devices. Fun knick-knacks to decorate a home office, like a small succulent, desk calendar, or notepad, are thoughtful gifts for any remote worker. And company swag (like T-shirts and water bottles) helps virtual team members feel connected to your culture, even from a distance. Inside your welcome kit, be sure to include a personalized note sharing why you are excited to have your new team member on board, along with a reminder to share a post about the new gig on LinkedIn. Welcome new hires with a personalized onboarding gift Introduce New Hires to the Team On your employee's first day, give them a warm welcome by sharing an introduction to them on your team's internal communication platform (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Cooleaf, etc.). In your post, include the new team member's professional background, some info on their new role, and a photo. Want to make your warm welcome a little more interactive? Collect three facts from each new hire, two truths and one lie. Involve the rest of the team by allowing them to guess which is the lie. At the end of the day, the new hire can reveal the answer and share his or her story. Welcome new virtual team members and introduce them to the team Leverage Employee Recognition Starting a new position can be tough. Show your employees that you appreciate their decision to join the team with a thoughtful shout-out or thank-you at the end of their first week. Even if your new team member has only just started learning the ropes, you can still thank them for asking great questions, sharing their perspective, or simply having a positive attitude. Be sure to include specific details in your message to make it more impactful. Recognize new team members to help them feel at-home In Cooleaf, new employees automatically receive a welcome recognition when they join the platform. Managers can also issue custom spot awards to team members for living company core values and going above and beyond. Create a Virtual Onboarding Buddy Program In addition to one-on-one check-ins with their manager, regular communication with a supportive team member can go a long way towards helping new team members feel like they're part of the team. Building a new hire buddy system for virtual onboarding will create immediate connection between new team members and help drive employee engagement in the long-term. A new hire buddy can be someone on the same team as the new employee, or someone from another team. During the new employee's first month, they should meet with their onboarding buddy over Zoom (or another video conferencing tool) at least once a week, and be available to answer questions over a communication channel like Slack. Over time, check-ins with the virtual onboarding buddy can be reduced to once or twice a month. Use Virtual Events to Foster a Sense of Belonging In an office setting, employees might get to know their team members by going out to lunch or attending an after-work happy hour. But in a virtual environment, getting to know new employees can be challenging. Along with more formal training sessions, host virtual activities to help new team members feel more socially connected. Virtual events are also a great way to introduce new employees to your company culture and reinforce company values. Even a simple getting-to-know-you icebreaker game can be powerful. With Cooleaf, you can easily schedule and award points for unique virtual activities from our team challenge library. For example: Virtual scavenger hunts (share fun photos from around your home or neighborhood) Virtual coffee dates (get to know employees on other teams through one-on-one chats) Talent show challenges (share hobbies and talents through photos or videos) Virtual happy hours (organize virtual meet-ups and award points for participation) Health & wellness challenges (compete in a step challenge or share healthy recipes) Welcome new hires with fun virtual events Encourage Feedback with Pulse Surveys Pulse surveys are a powerful tool to track and measure new hire satisfaction. In a hybrid or remote workplace, you can leverage pulse surveys to get feedback on your hiring process, onboarding materials, employee inclusion, and more. Send onboarding surveys at key moments in the employee journey, such as the first week, then at 30 days, then at 90 days. It's important to remember that engagement surveys are just a first step in building a collaborative and supportive work environment. Taking quick action to respond to feedback is key for a positive employee experience. Cooleaf partners with you to deploy onboarding surveys, track engagement over time, and address issues proactively. Get feedback from new hires with automated pulse surveys Provide Ongoing Learning & Development Opportunities 74% of employees feel that they don’t receive adequate development opportunities at work. That goes for remote employees as well as in-person workers. To ensure that your new employee has access to ongoing learning and development opportunities from day one, leverage performance incentives and e-learning tools to help employees grow and upskill. Virtual onboarding can be difficult. But with a strategic virtual onboarding strategy, new team members will feel engaged and supported from their very first day. 4 Ways to Create a Sense of Belonging with a Remote Team Remote Teams 4 Ways to Create a Sense of Belonging with a Remote Team It’s difficult to foster a sense of belonging at work – and in a remote work environment, it’s even harder. Here’s how to promote a culture of belonging and inclusion in your virtual team. Read Story Melissa Perry Melissa Perry 5 Remote Team Building Activities for Employee Engagement Remote Teams 5 Remote Team Building Activities for Employee Engagement Remote teams are here to stay. How do you translate in-person team building activities to remote life? Read on for five ideas on keeping people feeling connected and motivated while working from home.

  • 70% employers resume hiring for blue collar jobs: Survey

    With the vaccination drive in full swing in the country and high optimism on the economic recovery, the hiring of blue collar workers is resurging as 70 per cent of employers polled in a survey said they have resumed recruitment. Of the 70 per cent employers polled in the second edition of OLX People Survey, nearly 16 per cent said they are hiring 100 per cent of capacity, while 54 per cent are hiring up to 50 per cent of capacity. About 60 per cent of employers stated that they have .. Read more at:

  • Memberships and Fees

    Member TypeApplication FeeAnnual DuesChartered Professional in Human Resourcesn/a$555.00General Member$65.00$400.00Student Memberwaived$60.00Industry Partner Memberwaived$750.00 All fees and dues are subject to applicable taxes according to the member’s province of residence. In BC and Yukon, all fees and dues are subject to 5% GST. Annual membership dues are payable on a one-year period basis commencing on the member’s admission date and every successive anniversary date. Such membership dues are considered fully-earned, are not transferable (unless an Industry Partner Member), non-refundable, and ineligible for suspension or postponement (in instances of maternity leave or work separation for example). Other CPHR BC & Yukon fees such as the NKE Registration Fee are likewise considered fully-earned; eligible however for deferral upon communication with the Registrar. Industry Partner memberships are based on a calendar year and are payable no later than January of the calendar year. CPHR Member Dues become payable on the date a member is granted the CPHR designation. Become a member today! Does your employer pay your membership dues? Use this template letter to request reimbursement of your CPHR BC & Yukon membership dues from your employer. Member Types Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHRTM) Chartered Professional in Human Resources members are actively maintaining their CPHR or FCPHR designation. Membership includes the right to vote, hold elected office and access volunteering, professional development and networking opportunities. You must be a current General or Student member in order to embark on the CPHR path. To transfer your CPHR designation from another association to CPHR BC & Yukon, you must complete and submit the CPHR Membership Application Form and also contact your current association for the transfer of your CPHR records. If you wish to earn and/or maintain the CPHR designation but you reside outside of BC and the Yukon, please contact for information on non-resident membership options. General Member General Members are engaged in the practice of human resources or have a professional interest in the mission of the association. General membership includes the right to vote, hold elected office and take advantage of volunteering, professional development and networking opportunities. CPHR BC & Yukon General Members are eligible to apply for the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. Student Member Student Members are individuals enrolled in two or more courses per semester in any degree or diploma program in a recognized post-secondary institution. Any students enrolled in programs accredited by CPHR BC & Yukon are automatically eligible for student membership. Student member pricing is intended to alleviate some of the costs associated with membership for those who intend to progress to a professional membership upon graduation*. Proof of current student status must be supplied at time of application and renewal.  Proof of current student status is either an unofficial transcript, confirmation of current registration or a letter confirming enrollment details. All documentation must be on the post-secondary’s letterhead and include the student’s name, program title and course details. *Student members, upon graduation from a program, will receive a 50% discount on their general or professional membership dues for the first-year post-graduation (New Graduate Membership). For an individual to access this post-graduation discount, CPHR BC & Yukon records must show that they have held a student membership for a minimum of 12 months. Learn more about CPHR BC & Yukon Student Connections. New Graduate Member CPHR BC & Yukon recognizes the importance for new graduates to stay connected to their profession at a time which can often be financially challenging as they start their career path. The Association offers a special one-time reduced membership fee of $200 to existing CPHR BC & Yukon Student Members for their first membership renewal following post-secondary graduation. The New Graduate rate only applies to students who were already Student Members of CPHR BC & Yukon before graduation. Those joining for the first time as new members after graduation must join as General Members, even if they are in their first year after graduation. All privileges of General Membership are included. New Graduate Members are eligible and encouraged to begin the process to apply for the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation. If a new graduate is already a CPHR Member, the regular CPHR Member fees will apply. However, the New Graduate rate will apply to members who are CPHR Candidates. Retired Professionals CPHR BC & Yukon members that are fully retired from human resources practice and have been members of the Association or have held the CPHR designation for at least five continuous years immediately prior to retirement are eligible for discounted member dues of $60/year. All privileges of general membership are included. If applicable, the CPHR designation changes to CPHR Retired. Please contact for more information. Industry Partner Member Industry Partner Members are individuals from organizations that recognize the impact human resources has on business outcomes. These members may not be HR professionals themselves, but work for companies that provide products and services to HR professionals and are connected to the practice of Humans Resources. Industry Partner Membership gives an individual and their company influence within the HR community and recognition as a supporter of strong professional people practices. Industry Partner Members are permitted to display the CPHR BC & Yukon logo on the company’s website and marketing materials. Learn more about additional benefits of becoming an Industry Partner Member.

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  • CPHR, SHRM SCP , SPHR, HR Trainings

    Welcome to SBMC Welcome to SBMC SBMC School of Human Resource is a unit of SHREE BALAJI MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (SBMC) Established in the year 2004, is engaged in providing services to various verticals in the industry by recruitment, corporate Training, Payroll and outsourcing of operations. Our services are governed by a strict code of ethics which ensures we provide timely, effective and economical solutions to our clients... More Job Placement SBMC is the pioneer of deputation services in India. We aid our clientele to supplement their organization with temporary and contract staff. HR Training & Internship The SBMC HR Training Program covers all the functions essayed by the HR department of an organization with practical and real time exposure Payroll Services Payroll outsourcing is a key service that SBMC provides for companies who are looking for a reliable HR partner that can work collaboratively with them. Digital Marketing Training The Certified Digital Marketing Programme is suitable for professionals of all levels and disciplines, and will prepare you to take up a more specialist role. HR Analytics Certification Analytical skills are becoming a crucial job requirement for HR as organizations strive to become more data-driven ​ Strategic HR Business Partner Certification A strategic business partner is a leader who is included in conversations about the future, mission, goals, and overall strategy of a company or organization. Total Rewards Certification Total rewards includes everything an employee perceives to be of value resulting from the employment relationship. AdvanceExcel Training The Certified Digital Marketing Programme is suitable for professionals of all levels and disciplines, and will prepare you to take up a more specialist role. LET US TOGETHER UNDERSTAND PEOPLE !! Clientele Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Market. To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. WHAT PEOPLE SAY “ Dealing with SBMC Team has always been great. Well versed with the requirement of the financial services industry be it my dealing at the time of Insurance or today they have done a good job. ” — Mr Mukhrjee , Director, Sterling Lab

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    Get Free Hr Toolkit, +1000 templates,email and upadtes Submit Thanks for submitting! sign up for updates SBMC School of Human Resource

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